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Actor, Stuntman, Fight Choreographer, Weapons Master, Pyrotechnician

Company Description

Alan Hutton, proud member of SAG and AFTRA, for over twenty years in the film/video and entertainment industries. Actor, stuntman, fight choreographer, weapons master, pyrotechnician (state and federal licensed, close proximity and flame effects as well), and Houston’s only cockroach wrangler! On location stage combat workshops for your “stars” and “background” fighters. If you can’t find the thing or service you need for your production, give me a call. If I don’t have it or can’t provide it, I will put you in touch with someone who can. Hire me or my wife will beat me.

Contact Information

(713) 724-7105
715 North Road
Baytown, TX 77521
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Company Contacts

Alan Hutton


  • Lone Star Deception - Pyrotechnician


  • The Candidate - Pyrotechnician

    2017 - 2017

    Pyrotechnician on "The Candidate" for Street Corner Films

  • TAROKI - Ricornel Productions - Fight Choreography


  • THE DOLL FACTORY - Fan Fiction Cinema, LLC & Barton Ct. Productions, Inc. - Fight Choreography/Weapons Rental

  • Freedom Over Texas 4th of July - Pyrotecnico - Pyrotechnician


  • Chevy’s Freedom Over Texas - 4th of July - Pyro Spectaculars By Souza - Pyrotechnician