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Popimarx Productions

A creative arts company

Company Description

Popimarx production is a creative arts company that provide services in acting, writing, directing and producing.

Contact Information

(713) 635-9592
40 Cypress Creek Pkwy, Suite 436
Houston, TX 77090
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40 Cypress Creek Pkwy, Sutie 436
Houston, TX 77090
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The Prank

2013 - 2015

A young man decides to attend his fifteenth class reunion and gets more than he bargains for.

The Prank (short film) Trailer

Culinary Conversations: Layers Colors Flavors

2017 - 2018

After being in the culinary business for about 10 years Chef Treya decides to meet with fellow chefs, Chef Chante and Chef DMo along with Food Blogger, Key Will to discuss the culinary business, creative meals and their love for FOOD.