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Rod Flower

From 3D logos to themed set pieces and character modeling

Company Description

As an artist/set designer working with interior designers, theater directors and media ministries for mega churches, I've had extensive experience in designing, fabricating and installing artworks, 3D props and signage and sets, with an emphasis for creating from rough sketch to finished work. I create using foam for carving, sculpting while incorporating special lighting and effects. Using special faux finishes, the completed artwork can mirror a variety of surfaces including distressed wood, rock and brick to marble and polished stones and brushed metal effects.

Contact Information

(281) 536-0326
94 Sunlit Grove Street
The Woodlands, TX 77382
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Woodlands Church/Various services

2005 - 2015

As an artist and set designer for Woodlands Church, my responsibilities included creation/fabrication and installation of sets and set pieces, including props and signage. Many artworks included special effects, lighting, fog and smoke effects. Working with a team, I was project manager for building the Polar Express train for their 2012 Christmas Services, as well as designing and constructing the faux steam engine parts and accessories.