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Callaway, Victoria

Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist

Company Description

In over twenty years in the cosmetic industry, Victoria has worked with thousands of different faces and many personalities from all walks of life. From Presidents and First Ladies to celebrities and sports stars to real people, she has discovered a way to bring out each ones individual beauty. Whether traveling on political campaigns, working with celebrities or doing charity work, Victoria uses her warmth, charm and amazing talent to put people at ease. Her special make-up techniques, innate knowledge of skin and faces, and infectious humor make Victoria one of the most sought after make-up artists in the industry.

Contact Information

(713) 816-5535
10114 West Temple Dr.
Houston, TX 77095
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Company Contacts

Victoria Callaway
(Makeup & Design)


  • Emmy Awards - 58th Annual Los Angeles Area - International - Make-Up

  • World Series - ESPN - All Feature Broadcasters and Reporters - Houston - International - Key Make-Up and Hair

  • Town Meeting - Featuring President Bill Clinton - International - Key Make-Up and Hair

  • Little Couple Television Series - The Learning Channel - International - Key Make-up and Hair

  • Mercedes Benz - M-Class German Showrooms - Texas - European - Key Stylist and Make-Up

  • Aim Investments - Photographer Albert Watson - Film and Stills - National - Make-Up