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Company Description

CongelioVB is a hybrid advertising agency/production company founded in 2017 by Lou Congelio, writer/creative director, Peter Vogt, TV/creative director, Lynn Birdwell, producer/director and Alan Vera, research & strategic planning.
From concept through execution: CongelioVB creates, directs and produces all forms of advertising including TV commercials, radio, print, outdoor, web content and design plus photography and moving-image projects.
A synergy of like-minded professionals: We are a hybrid of proven industry professionals working together as a team for the extreme benefit of our mutual client. You.
Our method is simple: Discover what makes your product or service special then tell people about it in a way that’s intelligent, unexpected, yet relevant. Easy? Not really. Effective? Absolutely. Lou Congelio

Contact Information

(832) 723-9824
735 E. 12th Street
Houston, TX 77008
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Company Contacts

Lou Congelio
Writer/Creative Director
CELL: ()
Peter Vogt
Creative Director/TV
CELL: ()
Lynn Birdwell
CELL: ()
Alan Vera
Research & Strategic Planning