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Houston Filmography

A complete list of movies & television shows filmed in Houston:, Texas, USA


My 600-lb Life  – Cable Series  TLC Logo iTunes Logo Logo

Clinger – Feature Film



Evolution of a Criminal – Documentary

Sacrifice – Feature Film

No No: A Dockumentary – Documentary

Boyhood – Feature Film

The Great Invisible – Documentary


The Preacher’s Mistress – Feature Film

Hellion – Feature Film

Cowboy Solitude – Feature Film

House Hunters, International – Cable Series  

Marshall Law: Texas – Cable Series

Life Flight – Cable Series

Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s – Cable Series

Brain Train – International Cable Series

American Idol – Broadcast Series 

The Voice – Broadcast Series

The Little Couple – Cable Series    

“No Angel” by Beyoncé – Music Video


Divorce Texas Style – Feature  

Helen Alone – Feature Film

House Hunters – Cable SeriesHGTV LogoHulu Logo

Mother of the Bride – Cable Series

Ready For Love – Broadcast Series LogoNBC logo Hulu Logo

The Bachelor – Broadcast SeriesABC LogoHulu Logo

The Bachelorette – Broadcast SeriesABC LogoHulu Logo iTunes Logo

The Doll Factory – Feature Film

The First 48 – Cable Series A&E logo

The Little Couple – Cable SeriesTLC Logo iTunes Logo

What Not To Wear – Cable Series TLC Logo iTunes Logo Logo


America’s Got Talent- Broadcast Series NBC logo

American Idol- Broadcast Series

Animal Cops- Cable SeriesAnimalPlanet Logo

Burned- Feature Film

Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition- Broadcast SeriesABC Logo

Flipped- Cable Series A&E logo

Headhunter- Feature Film

Karaoke Nation- Broadcast Series 

Good Morning America- Broadcast Series

The Little Couple- Cable SeriesiTunes LogoTLC Logo

Repo Games- Cable SeriesiTunes LogoSpike TV Logo

Same Name- Broadcast Series

The Voice- Broadcast SeriesHulu Logo


200 Confidential – Cable Series

Animal Cops – Cable Series AnimalPlanet Logo

Extreme Makeover, Home Edition (1) – Broadcast Series Hulu LogoABC Logo

Extreme Makeover, Home Edition (2) – Broadcast Series Hulu LogoABC Logo

Puncture – Feature Film Logo

House Crashers – Cable Series

The Little Couple– Cable SeriesiTunes LogoTLC Logo

Party Mamas – Cable Series LogoHulu Logo

The Preacher’s Daughter – Feature Film

Supernanny – Broadcast Series Hulu Logo

Transformers: Dark of the Moon – Feature Film iTunes LogoNetflix Logo


Apart – Feature Film Logo

Animal Cops – Cable Series AnimalPlanet Logo

America’s Got Talent – Broadcast Series

The Biggest Loser – Network Series LogoHulu LogoNBC logo

Holidate – Cable Series Hulu Logo

Dancing with the Stars – Network Series Hulu Logo

Dr. Oz – Broadcast Series

Last Flight of the Champion – Interactive Video

Judge Alex – Syndicated Series

Little Love – Cable Series

The Marriage Ref – Broadcast Series

Party Mamas – Cable LogoHulu Logo

Wife Swap – Broadcast Series


Animal Cops – Cable SeriesAnimalPlanet Logo

Big Medicine – Cable Series

Christina’s Court – Syndicated Series

Judge Alex – Syndicated Series

Last Comic Standing -Network Series

Latin Grammys – Network Special

Mao’s Last Dancer -Feature Film

My Super Sweet Sixteen – Cable Series

Supernanny – Network Series Hulu Logo

Tree of Life – Feature FilmiTunes Logo

Wife Swap –Network Series


Animal Cops – Cable Series AnimalPlanet Logo

The Big Give – Network Series

Big MedicineCable Series

Cook County – Feature Film

Cristina’s Court – Syndicated Series

Judge Alex – Syndicated Series

The Man Who Came Back – Feature Film Logo

Prison Break -Network Series Logo Hulu Logo

Texas Tucks – Cable Series

Vodafone – International Commercial


Animal Cops – Cable Series AnimalPlanet Logo

Armageddon – International Network Mini-Series

Cristina’s Law – Syndicated Series

Father and Son Surgeons – Cable Series

Gold Rush – Network Series

Extreme Makeover, Home Edition – Network Series Hulu Logo ABC Logo

Flags Of Our Fathers – Feature Film

Judge Alex – Syndicated Series

Love and Mary – Feature Film

Phenomena Police – Cable Series


Animal Cops – Cable Series AnimalPlanet Logo

Antique Roadshow – Network Series

Airline – Cable Series

Freshman on Campus –International Series

Judge Alex – Syndicated Series

Miracle Workers – Network Series

Renovate My Family – Cable Series

Proper Ladder – Cable Series

Trading Spaces – Cable Series


Animal Cops – Television Series AnimalPlanet Logo

Dancing in Twilight -Feature Film

Friday Night Lights – Feature Film iTunes Logo Logo

J.R. Richards Story – Feature Film

Mr. Hell – Feature Film

On the Rocks – Feature Film

Texas Justice – Television Series


American Justice – Television Series

American Idol – Television Series

Animal Cops – Television Series AnimalPlanet Logo

House Rules – Television Series

The Keeper – Feature Film

Tarnation – Feature Film

Texas Justice – Television Series


Houston Medical – Television Series

Texas Justice – Television Series

Warning: Parental Advisory – Cable Movie

Trading Spaces – Television Series

Unsolved Mysteries – Television Series


Flip Flop – Television Series

When the Music Stops – Cable Movie

Heart of the City – Television Series

Texas Justice – Television Series

Too Legit to Quit: The MC Hammer Story – Cable Movie


At Any Cost – Cable Movie

Flip Flop – Television Series

Pearl Harbor – Feature

Thug Life – Feature

Texas Justice – Television Series


Dreams in the Attic – TV Pilot

King of the World – TV Movie of the Week

M.K. Ultra – TV Movie of the Week

Space Cowboys – Feature Logo


Arlington Road – Feature Logo

Clear and Narrow – Feature

Killing the Badge – Feature

Makeover – Cable Movie

Retribution – Feature

Rushmore – Feature


Armageddon – Feature

Hope – Cable Movie

Pascagoula – Cable Movie

Prithvi – International Feature

Shut Up and Dance – Feature

Silicone Wars – Cable Movie


Apollo 11 – Cable Movie Network

The Dark Dancer – Feature

Don’t Look Back – Cable Movie

The Evening Star – Feature Logo

The Locusts – Feature

Rough Riders – MiniSeries

Space Cadet – Feature


House on Todville Road – Feature

The Road to Galveston – USA Cable Network

Lolita – Feature

Powder – Feature Logo

Tin Cup – Feature Logo

Walker, Texas Ranger – Network Series


A Woman of Independent Means – Mini Series

Apollo 13 – Feature Logo

The Charmer –  Cable Movie

Gambler V – Mini Series



Blue Daze Lost – Feature

The Chase – Feature

Cultivating Charlie – Feature

Jason’s Lyric – Feature

The Man With The Golden Swing – Feature

Pointman – NBC Movie of the Week

Ochio Pinocchio – Italian Feature

Reality Bites – Feature Logo


A Taste For Killing – Cable Movie

The Last Party – Feature Hulu Logo

Mother’s Day – Cable Movie

The Trust –  Feature

Unnatural Pursuits – Mini Series


Altered Love – Feature

Charlie’s Ear – Feature

Fugitive Among Us – TV Movie of the Week

The Last Prostitute – Cable Movie

Mariano Kid – Feature

Rush – Feature

Simple Men – Feature

Sidekick – Feature

Triumph of the Heart, The Ricky Bell Story – TV Movie of the Week


The Final Verdict – Cable Movie

The James Brady Story – Cable Movie


Challenger – TV Movie of the Week

RoboCop II – Feature Logo

I Come In Peace – Feature

The Happy Family – German Mini-Series


Black Snow – Feature

Blind Fury – Feature Logo

Fulfillment of Mary Gray – TV Movie of the Week

Mueller & Miller – TV Mini-Series

Night Game – Feature

Poncho Barnes – TV Movie of the Week


Buck James – TV Series

Cohen & Tate – Feature

Full Moon In BlueWater – Feature

Sharing Richard – TV Movie of the Week