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Bayou City Productions Inc.

Video Production from concept to completion, through duplication and distribution.

Company Description

For over 20 years we’ve helped our clients communicate to their audiences effectively through our full range of video production capabilities. From concept to completion, through duplication and distribution, our staff of producers, editors, and graphic designers have the experience to capture and present your story in a captivating manner whether using traditional still graphics, animation, or motion graphics. And we can multipurpose your message to a variety of audiences utilizing CD, DVD, Blu-ray, or web delivery formats.

Contact Information

(281) 558-5100
(281) 558-5141
11370 Brittmoore Park Drive
Houston, TX 77041
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Company Contacts

Randy Brann
Kevin Francis


Conoco Phillips - Milestones

A look back at the first year of the new ConocoPhillips. The spokespersons were shot on digital greenscreen in our studio and then composited into the 3D set created entirely in Cinema 4D.

Spectra - Natural Gas

One of a series of animations used to promote the benefits of natural gas and it's abundance in the U.S.

Calpine Corporation — Geysers 50 Year Anniversary

In celebration of Calpine's 50th anniversary of the Geysers facility, the video gives the history of the Geysers and highlights the importance of clean, renewable Geothermal energy production.

HP - Sales 2014

An intro animation segment for a monthly video series featuring the latest innovations
and products from HP.

Ryder - Natural Gas

Ryder is developing a natural gas fleet and facilities to take advantage of the increased availability of natural gas in North America.

DHL - Sponsorships

This video highlights the various organizations and events that DHL sponsored in 2011, including Andretti Racing, The Manchester United USA Tour, USA 7’s Rugby Tournament,
The Cincinnati Reds, and Fashion Week in Miami.