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Rusty Yankie Productions Casting Texas Films

Company Description

Melody “Rusty” Moss is the founding President and Lifetime Member of Women in Film & Television Houston. She has the diversity of experience that four decades provides and versatility in front of the camera and behind the scenes. Most recently she has worked as a producer, script supervisor, production coordinator, a location scout, in casting, an assistant to the director for New Line Cinema, an associate producer for United Paramount Network, and production accountant for MGM. She served as Associate Producer for the independent feature film COOK COUNTY which won the 2008 Hollywood film Festival’s “Best Feature Film”. Yankie Grant, Actress, Casting, Script Supervision and Wardrobe Continuity. Yankie is a comedy/drama actress and charter member of WIFT/Houston. Recently, she has been working in various capacities with several Production Companies. Pre & Post Production Coordinator and Script Supervisor in addition to casting for the companies.

Contact Information

(855) 381-3510
(713) 206-9673
(713) 962-5633
(713) 481-8347
P.O. Box 1173
Tomball, TX 77377
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Company Contacts

Yankie Grant
Melody Moss


  • DIVORCE TEXAS STYLE - Producers/Actors


  • COOK COUNTY, TX - David Pomes/Dir. - Script Supervisor/Continuity

  • THE MAN WHO CAME BACK - TMWCB, LLC - Assoc. Producer/Local Casting

  • Visa - Commercials - Centered Prod. - Prod. Asst. Coordinator

  • US Army Training Video - Southern Star Prod. - Casting Director