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Deadline Productions

Company Description

Whether you need a two man band or the whole orchestra, Deadline Productions is a full-service boutique production company with a 30 year track record; providing Betacam packages, 35mm, HD or any format in between. Plus your production with a Jimmy Jib, manned by owner/operator Jack Morgan, a 10 year jib veteran. DLP can provide sound and lighting packages with our one-ton grip trailer or any size package needed using one of our gaffer relationships. You can shoot and run or have us put it together. DLP features Media 100 844x digital non-linear edit systems with full 10 bit uncompressed throughput and mastering to digital Betacam or Beta SP.

Contact Information

(713) 960-0447
(713) 439-1499
(713) 516-0971
430 Heights Blvd.
Houston, TX 77007
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Company Contacts

Jack Morgan


  • ESPN Friday Night Fights - Jib Op.

  • Austin City Limits - Jib Op.

  • America Drag Racing League - Jib Op.

  • America Television International, “Heroes” - DP

  • Houston Hyundai Dealers - D.P.

  • Ashley Furniture - D.P.